About us

Meet The CEO:

I have been in the skin care industry for about 13 years, starting off by threading eyebrows, and transitioning into a make up and lash artist. By becoming a Licensed Esthetician, I was able to master and learn many techniques and secrets of the beauty industry. This company was created after finding out my son had eczema. Since the skin is our body largest organ, I wanted to create products that would soothe his skin without the continuous use of harsh steroid creams. Throughout this journey, I realized I wanted to help others achieve soft skin by creating quality products that encourage the skin to be its best self externally. We have a variety of products available for those with or without sensitive skin. Here at Tanoa Essentials we want to make quality products for everyone, and want each and everyone of our customers to have a positive experience. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in growing my business and I hope you all enjoy my products as much as I do. Give yourself a treat, your skin will thank you later!

~Tina Marie~